Practical Coding TOC 2

Transforming Data to Program with regsub
Other Commands That Use Regular Expressions
Chapter 12. Script Libraries and Packages
Locating Packages: The auto_path Variable
Using Packages
Summary of Package Loading
The package Command
Libraries Based on the tclIndex File
The unknown Command
Interactive Conveniences
Tcl Shell Library Environment
Coding Style
Chapter 13. Reflection and Debugging
The clock Command
The info Command
Cross-Platform Support
Tracing Variable Values
Interactive Command History
Scriptics' TclPro
Other Tools
Performance Tuning
Chapter 14. Namespaces
Using Namespaces
Namespace Variables
Command Lookup
Nested Namespaces
Importing and Exporting Procedures
Callbacks and Namespaces
The namespace Command
Converting Existing Packages to use Namespaces
[incr Tcl] Object System
Chapter 15. Internationalization
Character Sets and Encodings
Message Catalogs
Chapter 16. Event-Driven Programming
The Tcl Event Loop
The after Command
The fileevent Command
The vwait Command
The fconfigure Command
Chapter 17. Socket Programming
Client Sockets
Server Sockets
The Echo Service
Fetching a URL with HTTP
The http Package
Basic Authentication
Chapter 18. TclHttpd Web Server
Integrating TclHttpd with your Application
Domain Handlers
Application Direct URLs
Document Types
HTML + Tcl Templates
Form Handlers
Programming Reference
Standard Application-Direct URLs
The TclHttpd Distribution
Server Configuration
Chapter 19. Multiple Interpreters and Safe-Tcl
The interp Command
Creating Interpreters
Safe Interpreters
Command Aliases
Hidden Commands
I/O from Safe Interpreters
The Safe Base
Security Policies
Chapter 20. Safe-Tk and the Browser Plugin
Tk in Child Interpreters
The Browser Plugin
Security Policies and Browser Plugin
Configuring Security Policies
Part III. Tk Basics
Chapter 21. Tk Fundamentals
Hello, World! in Tk
Naming Tk Widgets
Configuring Tk Widgets
Tk Widget Attributes and the Resource Database
Summary of the Tk Commands
Chapter 22. Tk by Example
The Example Browser
A Tcl Shell
Chapter 23. The Pack Geometry Manager
Packing toward a Side
Horizontal and Vertical Stacking
The Cavity Model
Packing Space and Display Space
Resizing and -expand
Packing Order
Choosing the Parent for Packing
Unpacking a Widget
Packer Summary
Window Stacking Order
Chapter 24. The Grid Geometry Manager