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Practical Programming in Tcl & Tk, Third Edition
By Brent B. Welch

Table of Contents

List of Tables

1-1 Backslash sequences

1-2 Arithmetic operators from highest to lowest precedence

1-3 Built-in math functions

1-4 Built-in Tcl commands

2-1 Wish command line options

2-2 Variables defined by tclsh and wish

3-1 HTML tags used in the examples

4-1 The string command

4-2 Matching characters used with string match

4-3 Character class names

4-4 Format conversions

4-5 Format flags

4-6 Binary conversion types

5-1 List-related commands

8-1 The array command

9-1 Summary of the exec syntax for I/O redirection

9-2 The file command options

9-3 Array elements defined by file stat

9-4 Platform-specific file attributes

9-5 Tcl commands used for file access

9-6 Summary of the open access arguments

9-7 Summary of POSIX flags for the access argument

9-8 The registry command

9-9 The registry data types

11-1 Basic regular expression syntax

11-2 Additional advanced regular expression syntax

11-3 Character classes

11-4 Backslash escapes in regular expressions

11-5 Embedded option characters used with the (?x) syntax

11-6 Options to the regexp command

11-7 Sample regular expressions

12-1 Options to the pkg_mkIndex command

12-2 The package command

13-1 The clock command

13-2 Clock formatting keywords

13-3 UNIX-specific clock formatting keywords

13-4 The info command

13-5 The history command

13-6 Special history syntax

14-1 The namespace command

15-1 The encoding command

15-2 The msgcat package

16-1 The after command

16-2 The fileevent command

16-3 I/O channel properties controlled by fconfigure

16-4 End of line translation modes

17-1 Options to the http::geturl command

17-2 Elements of the http::geturl state array

17-3 The http support procedures

18-1 Httpd support procedures

18-2 Url support procedures

18-3 Doc procedures for configuration

18-4 Doc procedures for generating responses

18-5 Doc procedures that support template processing

18-6 The form package

18-7 Elements of the page array

18-8 Elements of the env array

18-9 Status application-direct URLs

18-10 Debug application-direct URLs

18-11 Application-direct URLS that e-mail form results

18-12 Basic TclHttpd Parameters

19-1 The interp command

19-2 Commands hidden from safe interpreters

19-3 The safe base master interface

19-4 The safe base slave aliases

20-1 Tk commands omitted from safe interpreters

20-2 Plugin Environment Variables

20-3 Aliases defined by the browser package

20-4 The browser::getURL callbacks

21-1 Tk widget-creation commands

21-2 Tk widget-manipulation commands

21-3 Tk support procedures

23-1 The pack command

23-2 Packing options

24-1 The grid command

24-2 Grid widget options

25-1 The place command

25-2 Placement options

26-1 Event types

26-2 Event modifiers

26-3 The event command

26-4 A summary of the event keywords

27-1 Resource names of attributes for all button widgets

27-2 Button operations

27-3 Menu entry index keywords

27-4 Menu operations

27-5 Menu attribute resource names.

27-6 Attributes for menu entries

29-1 Attributes for frame and toplevel widgets

29-2 Label Attributes

29-3 Message Attributes

29-4 Bindings for scale widgets

29-5 ttributes for scale widgets

29-6 perations on the scale widget

30-1 Bindings for the scrollbar widget

30-2 Attributes for the scrollbar widget

30-3 Operations on the scrollbar widget

31-1 Entry bindings

31-2 Entry attribute resource names

31-3 Entry indices

31-4 Entry operations

32-1 Listbox indices

32-2 Listbox operations

32-3 The values for the selectMode of a listbox

32-4 Bindings for browse selection mode

32-5 Bindings for single selection mode

32-6 Bindings for extended selection mode

32-7 Bindings for multiple selection mode

32-8 Listbox scroll bindings

32-9 Listbox attribute resource names

33-1 Text indices

33-2 Index modifiers for text widgets

33-3 Attributes for text tags

33-4 Options to the search operation

33-5 Window and image alignment options

33-6 Options to the window create operation

33-7 Options to the image create operation

33-8 Bindings for the text widget

33-9 Operations for the text widget

33-10 Text attribute resource names

34-1 Arc attributes

34-2 Bitmap attributes

34-3 Image attributes

34-4 Line attributes

34-5 Oval attributes

34-6 Polygon attributes

34-7 Rectangle attributes

34-8 Indices for canvas text items

34-9 Canvas operations that apply to text items

34-10 Text attributes

34-11 Operations on a canvas widget

34-12 Canvas postscript options

34-13 Canvas attribute resource names

35-1 The selection command

35-2 The clipboard command

36-1 Options to tk_messageBox

36-2 Options to the standard file dialogs

36-3 Options to tk_chooseColor

36-4 The focus command

36-5 The grab command

36-6 The tkwait command

37-1 Size attribute resource names

37-2 Border and relief attribute resource names

37-3 Highlight attribute resource names

37-4 Layout attribute resource names

38-1 Color attribute resource names

38-2 Windows system colors

38-3 Macintosh system colors

38-4 Visual classes for displays

38-5 Summary of the image command

38-6 Bitmap image options

38-7 Photo image attributes

38-8 Photo image operations

38-9 Copy options for photo images

38-10 Read options for photo images

38-11 Write options for photo images

38-12 Cursor attribute resource names

39-1 Font attributes

39-2 X Font specification components

39-3 The font command

39-4 Layout attribute resource names

39-5 Selection attribute resource names

40-1 Options to the send command

41-1 Size, placement and decoration window manager operations

41-2 Window manager commands for icons

41-3 Session-related window manager operations

41-4 Miscellaneous window manager operations

41-5 send command information

41-6 Window hierarchy information

41-7 Window size information

41-8 Window location information

41-9 Virtual root window information

41-10 Atom and window ID information

41-11 Colormap and visual class information

45-1 The Tcl source directory structure

45-2 The installation directory structure

45-3 Standard configure flags

45-4 TEA standard Makefile targets

46-1 Configuration flags and corresponding C types

48-1 Changes in color attribute names

52-1 The testthread command

52-2 The dde command options

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