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Practical Programming in Tcl & Tk, Third Edition
By Brent B. Welch

Table of Contents
Part VII.  Changes

Chapter 55. About The CD-ROM

This chapter describes what is available on the CD-ROM.

The CD-ROM contains the Tcl/Tk software distributions, the examples from the book, and a collection of Tcl-related software found on the Internet. The CD is one volume in a hybrid format that is readable on UNIX (ISO 9660 format with Rock Ridge extensions), Windows (Juliet format with long file names), and Macintosh (HFS). Kudos to the ISO standard for supporting multiple formats simultaneously, and to the Linux mkhybrid application used to create the disk image.

The Tcl/Tk distributions are in the tcl_76, tcl_80, and tcl_82 folders. The .tar.gz files there are source distributions that can be unpacked on a UNIX system with a command like this:

gunzip < tcl8.2.0.tar.gz | tar xvf -

You can compile the source code like this (there are more detailed instructions in Chapter 45):

cd tcl8.2.0/unix
 /configure --enable-gcc

There are also source distributions in .zip files that contain the same files as the .tar.gz packages. There are Windows installers in .exe files that install ready-to-run Tcl/Tk interpreters and script libraries.

The binhex folder contains various Macintosh distributions in BINHEX format. The macintosh folder contains some of these already converted to native installers.

The plugin folder contains the Web browser plugin. There is a source distribution and binary distributions for a variety of UNIX platforms, Windows, and Macintosh.

The tclpro folder contains demo copies of TclPro , which is described in more detail on page 189. TclPro provides another way to get a free version of Tcl/Tk compiled for your platform. TclPro also has a nice set of development tools. You can get a demo license for the tools at:


The exsource folder contains the examples from the book. These are automatically extracted from Framemaker files. One thing to watch out for is that single quotes get extracted as \" . I have left these as-is. The browser.tcl script lets you view and try out the examples.

The tclhttpd directory contains an unpacked version of the TclHttpd distribution. You should be able to start the server by loading the bin/httpd.tcl script into wish or tclsh . This script starts a Web server on part 8015.

The tea_sample directory contains a sample Tcl extension from the Tcl Extension Architecture. This example illustrates how to create Tcl extensions on Windows and UNIX.

The download folder contains software downloaded from the Internet. Some of these have associated .README files. Others are described by files in the index folder. These descriptions are derived from the Tcl Resource Center found at:


The index/index.html file provides a listing and description of the software in the download folder.

The CD_UTILS folder contains software you may find helpful, such as Winzip and a version of Tar for Macintosh. I have also included the mkhybrid software used to create the CD image, as well as other scripts used in the process.

The welch folder contains a picture of me and a copy of my PGP key. The key ID is 7EDF9C79 and its fingerprint is:

94 D8 90 6A FD 9C AE 94 40 E3 C6 D6 B1 90 E0 03

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