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Practical Programming in Tcl & Tk, Third Edition
By Brent B. Welch

Table of Contents
Chapter 38.  Color, Images, and Cursors

The Text Insert Cursor

The text, entry, and canvas widgets have a second cursor to mark the text insertion point. The text insert cursor is described by a set of attributes. These attributes can make the insert cursor vary from a thin vertical line to a large rectangle with its own relief. Table 38-12 lists these attributes. The default insert cursor is a two-pixel-wide vertical line. You may not like the look of a wide insert cursor. The cursor is centered between two characters, so a wide one does not look the same as the block cursors found in many terminal emulators. Instead of occupying the space of a single character, it partially overlaps the two characters on either side:

Table 38-12. Cursor attribute resource names.
cursorThe mouse cursor. See text for sample formats. All widgets.
insertBackgroundColor for the text insert cursor. Widgets: canvas, entry, and text.
insertBorderWidthWidth for three dimensional appearance. Widgets: canvas, entry, and text.
insertOffTimeMilliseconds the cursor blinks off. (Zero disables blinking.) Widgets: canvas, entry, and text.
insertOnTimeMilliseconds the cursor blinks on. Widgets: canvas, entry, and text.
insertWidthWidth of the text insert cursor, in screen units. Widgets: canvas, entry, and text.

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