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Practical Programming in Tcl & Tk, Third Edition
By Brent B. Welch

Table of Contents
Part I.  Tcl Basics

Chapter 9. Working with Files and Programs

This chapter describes how to run programs, examine the file system, and access environment variables through the env array. Tcl commands described are: exec, file, open, close, read, write, puts, gets, flush, seek, tell, glob, pwd, cd, exit, pid, and registry.

This chapter describes how to run programs and access the file system from Tcl. These commands were designed for UNIX. In Tcl 7.5 they were implemented in the Tcl ports to Windows and Macintosh. There are facilities for naming files and manipulating file names in a platform-independent way, so you can write scripts that are portable across systems. These capabilities enable your Tcl script to be a general-purpose glue that assembles other programs into a tool that is customized for your needs.

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