Microsoft Office TOC 6

Rearranging Slides in Slide Sorter View
Rearranging Slides in the Outline Pane
Hiding Slides
Chapter 7. Adding and Modifying Slide Text
Creating a Text Box
Changing Font Attributes
Copying Text Formats
Changing the Text Alignment and Line Spacing
Adding a WordArt Object
Chapter 8. Creating Columns, Tables, and Lists
Working in Multiple Columns
Making a Bulleted List
Working with Numbered Lists
Chapter 9. Adding Graphics to a Slide
Using the Clip Art Task Pane
Inserting an Image from the Task Pane
Inserting an Image from an Image Box
Inserting a Clip from a File
Managing Images in the Clip Organizer
Chapter 10. Adding Sounds and Movies to a Slide
Working with Sounds and Movies
Including Sounds in a Presentation
Placing a Movie onto a Slide
Chapter 11. Working with PowerPoint Objects
Selecting Objects
Working with Layers of Objects
Grouping and Ungrouping Objects
Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Objects
Rotating an Object
Resizing Objects
Cropping a Picture
Chapter 12. Presenting an Onscreen Slide Show
Viewing an Onscreen Slide Show
Setting Slide Animation Schemes
Setting Up a Self-Running Show
Using the Slide Show Menu Tools
Adding Action Buttons to User-Interactive Shows
Setting Slide Show Options
Chapter 13. Printing Presentations, Notes, and Handouts
Using PowerPoint Notes and Handouts
Quick Printing with No Options
Changing the Page Setup
Choosing What and How to Print
Chapter 1. Getting Started with Publisher
Starting Publisher
Deciding How to Create a New Publication
Using the Publisher Workspace
Exiting Publisher
Chapter 2. Creating a New Publication
Using a Publication Category
Saving Your Publication
Chapter 3. Using Design Sets
Understanding the Publication Design Sets
Selecting the Design Set
Completing the Publication
Creating a Publication from Scratch
Chapter 4. Viewing Your Publications
Changing the Publication Display
Using the Zoom Feature
Working with Rulers and Guide Lines
Chapter 5. Working with Existing Publications
Opening an Existing Publication
Completing a Design Template Publication
Adding Pages to a Publication
Saving a Revised Publication Under a New Name
Closing a Publication
Chapter 6. Working with Publication Objects
Inserting an Object
Sizing an Object Frame
Moving an Object
Copying an Object
Grouping Objects
Arranging Objects in Layers
Adding Border and Colors to Object Frames
Chapter 7. Changing How Text Looks
Adding Text to Your Publications
Working with Fonts
Changing Font Attributes
Changing Font Colors
Aligning Text in a Text Box
Adding Tables to a Publication
Chapter 8. Working with Graphics
Inserting a Picture
Using Clip Art
Cropping Pictures
Drawing Objects
Chapter 9. Formatting Publication Pages
Changing Page Margins
Adding Page Borders
Working with Master Pages
Chapter 10. Fine-Tuning Publisher Publications
Using the Spell Checker
Controlling Hyphenation in Text Boxes
Using the Design Checker
Setting Up AutoCorrect
Chapter 11. Printing Publisher Publications
Previewing the Publication
Printing the Publication
Working with Print Options
Using Pack and Go