Microsoft Office TOC 5

Closing a Table
Chapter 7. Editing Data in a Table
Changing a Field's Content
Moving and Copying Data
Inserting and Deleting Fields
Inserting New Records
Deleting Records
Chapter 8. Formatting Access Tables
Changing the Look of Your Table
Changing Column Width and Row Height
Changing the Font and Font Size
Chapter 9. Creating Relationships Between Tables
Understanding Table Relationships
Creating a Relationship Between Tables
Enforcing Referential Integrity
Editing a Relationship
Removing a Relationship
Chapter 10. Creating a Simple Form
Creating Forms
Creating a Form with AutoForm
Creating a Form with the Form Wizard
Creating a Form from Scratch
Entering Data into a Form
Chapter 11. Modifying a Form
Working with Field Controls
Viewing Headers and Footers
Adding Labels
Formatting Text on a Form
Changing Tab Order
Chapter 12. Adding Special Controls to Forms
Using Special Form Controls
Creating a List Box or a Combo Box
Creating an Option Group
Adding Command Buttons
Chapter 13. Searching for Information in Your Database
Using the Find Feature
Using the Replace Feature
Chapter 14. Sorting, Filtering, and Indexing Data
Sorting Data
Filtering Data
Indexing Data
Chapter 15. Creating a Simple Query
Understanding Queries
Using the Simple Query Wizard
Using Other Query Wizards
Understanding Access Query Types
Chapter 16. Creating Queries from Scratch
Introducing Query Design View
Adding Fields to a Query
Deleting a Field
Adding Criteria
Using the Total Row in a Query
Viewing Query Results
Chapter 17. Creating a Simple Report
Understanding Reports
Using AutoReport to Create a Report
Creating a Report with the Report Wizard
Viewing and Printing Reports in Print Preview
Chapter 18. Customizing a Report
Working in the Report Design View
Working with Controls on Your Report
Placing a Calculation in the Report
Chapter 19. Taking Advantage of Database Relationships
Reviewing Table Relationships
Viewing Related Records in the Datasheet View
Creating Multi-Table Queries
Creating Multi-Table Forms
Creating Multi-Table Reports
Chapter 20. Printing Access Objects
Access Objects and the Printed Page
Printing Reports
Printing Other Database Objects
Using the Print Dialog Box
Chapter 1. Working in PowerPoint
Starting PowerPoint
Getting Comfortable with the PowerPoint Window
Exiting PowerPoint
Chapter 2. Creating a New Presentation
Starting a New Presentation
Saving a Presentation
Closing a Presentation
Opening a Presentation
Finding a Presentation File
Chapter 3. Working with Slides in Different Views
Understanding PowerPoint's Different Views
Moving from Slide to Slide
Introduction to Inserting Slide Text
Editing Text in the Slide Pane
Chapter 4. Changing a Presentation's Look
Giving Your Slides a Professional Look
Applying a Different Design Template
Using Color Schemes
Changing the Background Fill
Chapter 5. Inserting, Deleting, and Copying Slides
Inserting Slides into a Presentation
Creating Slides from a Document Outline
Deleting Slides
Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Slides
Chapter 6. Rearranging Slides in a Presentation