Microsoft Office TOC 4

Displaying Formulas
Editing Formulas
Chapter 4. Manipulating Formulas and Understanding Cell References
Copying Formulas
Using Relative and Absolute Cell Addresses
Recalculating the Worksheet
Chapter 5. Performing Calculations with Functions
What Are Functions?
Using the Insert Function Feature
Chapter 6. Getting Around in Excel
Moving from Worksheet to Worksheet
Switching Between Workbooks
Moving Within a Worksheet
Chapter 7. Different Ways to View Your Worksheet
Changing the Worksheet View
Freezing Column and Row Labels
Splitting Worksheets
Hiding Workbooks, Worksheets, Columns, and Rows
Locking Cells in a Worksheet
Chapter 8. Editing Worksheets
Correcting Data
Undoing an Action
Using the Replace Feature
Checking Your Spelling
Copying and Moving Data
Using the Office Clipboard
Deleting Data
Chapter 9. Changing How Numbers and Text Look
Formatting Text and Numbers
Using the Style Buttons to Format Numbers
Numeric Formatting Options
How You Can Make Text Look Different
Changing Text Attributes with Toolbar Buttons
Accessing Different Font Attributes
Aligning Text in Cells
Copying Formats with Format Painter
Chapter 10. Adding Cell Borders and Shading
Adding Borders to Cells
Adding Shading to Cells
Using AutoFormat
Applying Conditional Formatting
Chapter 11. Working with Ranges
What Is a Range?
Selecting a Range
Naming Ranges
Creating Range Names from Worksheet Labels
Inserting a Range Name into a Formula or Function
Chapter 12. Inserting and Removing Cells, Rows, and Columns
Inserting Rows and Columns
Removing Rows and Columns
Inserting Cells
Removing Cells
Adjusting Column Width and Row Height with a Mouse
Using the Format Menu for Precise Control
Chapter 13. Managing Your Worksheets
Selecting Worksheets
Inserting Worksheets
Deleting Worksheets
Moving and Copying Worksheets
Changing Worksheet Tab Names
Chapter 14. Printing Your Workbook
Previewing a Print Job
Changing the Page Setup
Printing Your Workbook
Selecting a Large Worksheet Print Area
Adjusting Page Breaks
Chapter 15. Creating Charts
Understanding Charting Terminology
Working with Different Chart Types
Creating and Saving a Chart
Moving and Resizing a Chart
Printing a Chart
Chapter 1. Working in Access
Starting Access
Parts of the Access Window
Exiting Access
Understanding Access Databases and Objects
Planning a Database
Chapter 2. Creating a New Database
Choosing How to Create Your Database
Opening a Database
Closing a Database
Chapter 3. Creating a Table with the Table Wizard
Tables Are Essential
Working with the Table Wizard
Chapter 4. Creating a Table from Scratch
Creating Tables Without the Wizard
Creating a Table in Table Design View
Creating a Table in the Datasheet View
Chapter 5. Editing a Table's Structure
Editing Fields and Their Properties
Adding, Deleting, and Moving Fields
Deleting a Table
Chapter 6. Entering Data into a Table
Entering a Record
Moving Around in a Table
Hiding a Field
Freezing a Column
Using the Spelling Feature