Microsoft Office TOC 3

Adding Borders in Word
Placing a Border Around a Page
Adding Shading to the Paragraph
Changing Font Colors
Chapter 7. Working with Tabs and Indents
Aligning Text Using Tabs
Working with Indents
Chapter 8. Examining Your Documents in Different Views
Changing the Document Display
Using the Full Screen View
Zooming In and Out on Your Document
Working with the Document Map
Splitting the Document Window
Comparing Documents Side by Side
Chapter 9. Working with Margins, Pages, and Line Spacing
Setting Margins
Controlling Paper Types and Orientation
Inserting Page Breaks
Changing Line Spacing
Chapter 10. Working with Styles
Understanding Styles and the Style Task Pane
Creating Character Styles
Creating Paragraph Styles
Editing Styles
Using the Style Organizer
Chapter 11. Using AutoFormatting to Change Text Attributes
Understanding AutoFormatting
Formatting As You Type
Applying AutoFormat to a Document
Changing AutoFormat Options
Chapter 12. Adding Document Text with AutoText and Using Special Characters
Understanding AutoText
Using Special Characters and Symbols
Chapter 13. Adding Headers, Footers, and Page Numbers
Understanding Headers and Footers
Adding Headers and Footers
Using Odd- and Even-Numbered Page Headers and Footers
Adding Page Numbering to a Document
Chapter 14. Printing Documents
Sending Your Document to the Printer
Changing Print Settings
Selecting Paper Trays, Draft Quality, and Other Options
Chapter 15. Creating Numbered and Bulleted Lists
Understanding Numbered and Bulleted Lists
Creating a Numbered or a Bulleted List
Adding Items to the List
Creating a Numbered or a Bulleted List from Existing Text
Creating Multilevel Lists
Chapter 16. Using Word Tables
Understanding Tables and Cells
Creating Tables
Entering Text and Navigating in a Table
Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns
Formatting a Table
Placing a Formula in a Table
Chapter 17. Creating Columns in a Document
Understanding Word Columns
Creating Columns
Editing Column Settings
Chapter 18. Adding Graphics to Documents
Inserting a Graphic
Using the Word Clip Art
Modifying Graphics
Using the Word Drawing Toolbar
Chapter 19. Creating Personalized Mass Mailings
Understanding the Mail Merge Feature
Specifying the Main Document
Creating or Obtaining the Data Source
Completing the Main Document and Inserting the Merge Fields
Merging the Documents
Creating Envelopes and Mailing Labels
Chapter 20. Working with Larger Documents
Adding Sections to Documents
Creating a Table of Contents
Chapter 21. Creating Web Pages in Word
Using Word to Create Web Pages
Selecting a Theme for Your Web Page
Adding Hyperlinks to a Document
Previewing Your Web Pages
Chapter 1. Creating a New Workbook
Starting Excel
Understanding the Excel Window
Starting a New Workbook
Saving and Naming a Workbook
Saving a Workbook Under a New Name or Location
Opening an Existing Workbook
Closing Workbooks
Exiting Excel
Chapter 2. Entering Data into the Worksheet
Understanding Excel Data Types
Entering Text
Entering Numbers
Entering Dates and Times
Copying Data to Other Cells
Taking Advantage of AutoComplete
Chapter 3. Performing Simple Calculations
Understanding Excel Formulas
Entering Formulas
Using the Status Bar AutoCalculate Feature