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Self-Review Exercises


Fill in the blanks for each of the following:

  1. The _____________ operator qualifies a member with its namespace.

  2. The _____________ operator allows an object's "const-ness" to be cast away.

  3. Because an unnamed namespace has an implicit using directive, its members appear to occupy the _____________, are accessible directly and do not have to be qualified with a namespace name.

  4. Operator _____________ is the operator keyword for inequality.

  5. A class may be derived from more than one base class; such derivation is called _____________.

  6. When a base class is inherited as _____________, only one subobject of the base class will appear in the derived class.


State which of the following are true and which are false. If a statement is false, explain why.

  1. When passing a non-const argument to a const function, the const_cast operator should be used to cast away the "const-ness" of the function.

  2. namespaces are guaranteed to be unique.

  3. Like class bodies, namespace bodies also end in semicolons.

  4. namespaces cannot have namespaces as members.

  5. A mutable data member cannot be modified in a const member function.

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