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23.9. STL Internet and Web Resources

The following is a collection of Internet and World Wide Web STL resources. These sites include tutorials, references, FAQs, articles, books, interviews and software.



This STL tutorial is organized by examples, philosophy, components and extending the STL. You will find code examples using the STL components, useful explanations and helpful diagrams.


This STL tutorial provides information on function templates, class templates, the STL components, containers, iterators, adaptors and function objects.


This site is helpful for people just learning about the STL. You will find an introduction to the STL and ObjectSpace STL Tool Kit examples.



The Silicon Graphics Standard Template Library Programmer's Guide is a useful resource for STL information. You can download the STL from this site and find the latest information, design documentation and links to other STL resources.


This site lists the constructors, operators and functions supported by each STL container.

Articles, Books and Interviews


The Byte Magazine site has a copy of an article on the STL written by Alexander Stepanov. Stepanov, one of the creators of the Standard Template Library, provides information on the use of the STL in generic programming.


A Dr. Dobb's journal interview with Alexander Stepanov.

ANSI/ISO C++ Standard


You can purchase a copy of the C++ standard document from this site.



The RPI STL site includes information on how STL differs from other C++ libraries and on how to compile programs that use STL. The site lists the STL files and provides example programs that use STL, STL Container Classes and STL Iterator Categories. It also provides an STL-compatible compiler list, FTP sites for STL source code and related materials.

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This is the Microsoft Visual C++ home page. Here you can find the latest Visual C++ news, updates, technical resources, samples and downloads.


This is the Borland C++Builder home page. Here you can find a variety of C++ resources, including several C++ newsgroups, information on the latest product enhancements, FAQs and many other resources for programmers using C++Builder.

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