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Self-Review Exercises


Fill in the blanks in each of the following statements:

  1. The two most common HTTP request types are __________ and __________.

  2. Browsers often __________ Web pages for quick reloading.

  3. In a three-tier application, a Web server is typically part of the __________ tier.

  4. In the URL http://www.deitel.com/books/downloads.html, www.deitel.com is the __________ of the server, where a client can find the desired resource.

  5. A(n) __________ document is a text file containing markings that describe to a Web browser how to display and format the information in the document.

  6. The environment variable __________ provides a mechanism for supplying data to CGI scripts.

  7. A common way of reading input from the user is to implement the XHTML __________ element.


State whether each of the following is true or false. If false, explain why.

  1. Web servers and clients communicate with each other through the platform-independent HTTP.

  2. Web servers often cache Web pages for reloading.

  3. The information tier implements business logic to control the type of information that is presented to a particular client.

  4. A dynamic Web page is a Web page that is not created programmatically.

  5. We put data into a query string using a format that consists of a series of name-value pairs joined with exclamation points (!).

  6. Using a CGI script is more efficient than using an XHTML document.

  7. The post method of submitting form data is preferable to get when sending personal information to the Web server.

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