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abstract base class

abstract class

base-class pointer to a base-class object

base-class pointer to a derived-class object

concrete class

dangerous pointer manipulation

derived-class pointer to a base-class object

derived-class pointer to a derived-class object



dynamic binding

dynamic casting


dynamically determine function to execute

flow of control of a virtual function call

implementation inheritance

interface inheritance

iterator class

late binding

name function of class type_info

nonvirtual destructor

object's vtable pointer

offset into a vtable

override a function

polymorphic programming


polymorphism as an alternative to switch logic

programming in the general

programming in the specific

pure specifier

pure virtual function

RTTI (run-time type information)

static binding

switch logic

type_info class

typeid operator

<typeinfo> header file

virtual destructor

virtual function

virtual function table (vtable)

virtual keyword


vtable pointer

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