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& (address operator)

* (pointer dereference or indirection operator)

'\0' (null character)

address operator (&)

array of pointers to functions

ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange)

calling functions by reference

[Page 457]

character code

character constant

command-line arguments

comparing strings

concatenating strings

const with function parameters

constant pointer

constant pointer to constant data

constant pointer to nonconstant data

copying strings

decrement a pointer

delimiter character

dereference a 0 pointer

dereference a pointer

dereferencing operator (*)

directly reference a value

EBCDIC (Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code)

function pointer

getline function of cin

increment a pointer

indefinite postponement


indirection (*) operator

indirectly reference a value

interchangeability of arrays and pointers

islower function (<cctype>)

modify a constant pointer

modify address stored in pointer variable

nonconstant pointer to constant data

nonconstant pointer to nonconstant data

null character ('\0')

null pointer

null-terminated string

offset to a pointer

pass-by-reference with pointer arguments

pass-by-reference with reference arguments

pointer arithmetic

pointer-based strings

pointer dereference (*) operator

pointer subtraction

pointer to a function

reference to constant data

referencing array elements

selection sort algorithm

size_t type

sizeof operator

special characters


strcat function of header file <cstring>

strcmp function of header file <cstring>

strcpy function of header file <cstring>

string array

string being tokenized

string constant

string copying

strlen function of header file <cstring>

strncat function of header file <cstring>

strncmp function of header file <cstring>

strncpy function of header file <cstring>

strtok function of header file <cstring>

terminating null character


tokenizing strings

toupper function (<cctype>)

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