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!, logical NOT operator

&&, logical AND operator

||, logical OR operator

ASCII character set

boolalpha stream manipulator

break statement

case label

char fundamental type

comma operator

constant integral expression

continue statement

controlling expression of a switch

decrement a control variable

default case in switch


delay loop

field width

final value of a control variable

for repetition statement

for header

increment a control variable

initial value of a control variable

left justification

left stream manipulator

logical AND (&&)

logical negation (!)

logical NOT (!)

logical operator

logical OR (||)

loop-continuation condition

lvalue ("left value")

name of a control variable

nesting rule

off-by-one error

right justification

right stream manipulator

rvalue ("right value")

scope of a variable

setw stream manipulator

short-circuit evaluation

simple condition

stacking rule

standard library function pow

sticky setting

switch multiple-selection statement

truth table

zero-based counting

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