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1.19. Web Resources

This section provides many Web resources that will be useful to you as you learn C++. The sites include C++ resources, C++ development tools for students and professionals and some links to fun games built with C++. This section also lists our own Web sites where you can find downloads and resources associated with this book. You will find additional Web Resources in Appendix I.

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Deitel & Associates Web Sites


The Deitel & Associates C++ How to Program, Fifth Edition site. Here you will find links to the book's examples (also included on the CD that accompanies the book) and other resources, such as our free Dive Into™ guides that help you get started with several C++ integrated development environments (IDEs).


Please check the Deitel & Associates site for updates, corrections and additional resources for all Deitel publications.


Please visit this site to subscribe for the Deitel® Buzz Online e-mail newsletter to follow the Deitel & Associates publishing program.


Prentice Hall's site for Deitel publications. Here you will find detailed product information, sample chapters and Companion Web Sites containing book- and chapter-specific resources for students and instructors.

Compilers and Development Tools


This site lists free C and C++ compilers for a variety of operating systems.


The Microsoft Visual C++ site provides product information, overviews, supplemental materials and ordering information for the Visual C++ compiler.


This is a link to the Borland C++Builder. A free command-line version is available for download.


Compilers.net is designed to help users locate compilers.


An evaluation download of the Intel C++ compiler is available at this site.


This site offers the Kai C++ compiler for a 30-day free trial.


Symbian provides a C++ Developer's Pack and links to various resources, including code and development tools for C++ programmers implementing mobile applications for the Symbian operating system, which is popular on devices such as mobile phones.



The C/C++ Users Group (CUG) site contains C++ resources, journals, shareware and freeware.


DevX is a comprehensive resource for programmers that provides the latest news, tools and techniques for various programming languages. The C++ Zone offers tips, discussion forums, technical help and online newsletters.


The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) site offers a comprehensive listing of C++ resources, including recommended texts, journals and magazines, published standards, newsletters, FAQs and newsgroups.

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The Association of C & C++ Users (ACCU) site contains links to C++ tutorials, articles, developer information, discussions and book reviews.


The C/C++ User's Journal is an online magazine that contains articles, tutorials and downloads. The site features news about C++, forums and links to information about development tools.


This is the site for Bjarne Stroustrup, designer of the C++ programming language. This site provides a list of C++ resources, FAQs and other useful C++ information.



This site has several C++ games available for download.


This site includes links to numerous games built with C++. The source code for most of the games is available for download.


This site has tutorials on game programming in C++. Each tutorial includes a description of the game and a list of the methods and functions used in the tutorial.


Visit this Nokia site to learn how to use C++ to program games for some Nokia wireless devices.

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