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Self-Review Exercises


Fill in the blanks in each of the following:

  1. Symbol ______________ redirects input data from the keyboard to come from a file.

  2. The ______________ symbol is used to redirect the screen output to be placed in a file.

  3. [Page 1270]
  4. The ______________ symbol is used to append the output of a program to the end of a file.

  5. A(n) ______________ is used to direct the output of a program as the input of another program.

  6. A(n) ______________ in the parameter list of a function indicates that the function can receive a variable number of arguments.

  7. Macro ______________ must be invoked before the arguments in a variable-length argument list can be accessed.

  8. Macro ______________ is used to access the individual arguments of a variable-length argument list.

  9. Macro ______________ performs termination housekeeping in a function whose variable argument list was referred to by macro va_start.

  10. Argument ______________ of main receives the number of arguments in a command line.

  11. Argument ______________ of main stores command-line arguments as character strings.

  12. The UNIX utility ______________ reads a file called __________ that contains instructions for compiling and linking a program consisting of multiple source files. The utility recompiles a file only if the file (or a header it uses) has been modified since it was last compiled.

  13. Function ______________ forces a program to terminate execution.

  14. Function ______________ registers a function to be called upon normal termination of the program.

  15. An integer or floating-point ______________ can be appended to an integer or floating-point constant to specify the exact type of the constant.

  16. Function ______________ can be used to register a function to trap unexpected events.

  17. Function ______________ generates a signal from within a program.

  18. Function ______________ dynamically allocates memory for an array and initializes the elements to zero.

  19. Function ______________ changes the size of a block of dynamically allocated memory.

  20. A(n) ______________ is an entity containing a collection of variables that occupy the same memory, but at different times.

  21. The ______________ keyword is used to introduce a union definition.

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