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Validate method (Page class) 
ValidatedControlConverter class 
validateRequest attribute 
ValidateRequest attribute (@ Page directive) 
validation controls  2nd 
ValidationCompareOperator enumeration 
ValidationDataType enumeration 
ValidationPropertyAttribute class 
    class  2nd 
ValidationSummaryDisplayMode enumeration 
ValidatorCollection class  2nd 
ValidatorDisplay enumeration 
Validators property (ValidatorCollection) 
Value Types 
ValueCollectionParameterReader class 
VaryByControl (@ OutputCache directive) 
VaryByCustom (@ OutputCache directive) 
VaryByHeader (@ OutputCache directive) 
VaryByParam (@ OutputCache directive) 
VaryByParam attribute 
VBScript property (HttpBrowserCapabilities class) 
Version property (HttpBrowserCapabilities class) 
versions, targeting specific 
VerticalAlign enumeration 
ViewState property (Page class)  2nd  3rd 
ViewStateUserKey (Page class) 
ViewStateUserKey property (Page class) 
Visual Basic language
    access modifiers for 
    case sensitivity of 
    class definitions 
    converting from C# syntax 
    delegate definitions 
    enumeration definitions 
    equivalents to C# data types 
    event definitions 
    field definitions 
    interface definitions 
    line break as statement terminator 
    method calls 
    method definitions 
    method qualifiers 
    new keyword and 
    property definitions 
    structure definitions 
Visual Basic.NET 
    Imports keyword 
    New keyword and 
Visual Basic.NET compiler 
Visual C++ 
    managed executions and 
Visual Studio .NET
    annotations, common 
    custom schemas and 
    design-time support 
    design-time support, adding 
vs:absolutepositioning Visual Studio .NET annotation 
vs:blockformatted Visual Studio .NET annotation 
vs:builder Visual Studio .NET annotation 
vs:deprecated Visual Studio .NET annotation 
vs:empty Visual Studio .NET annotation 
vs:friendlyname Visual Studio .NET annotation 
vs:iscasesensitive Visual Studio .NET annotation 
vs:ishtmlschema Visual Studio .NET annotation 
vs:nonbrowseable Visual Studio .NET annotation 
vs:readonly Visual Studio .NET annotation 
vs:requireattributequotes Visual Studio .NET annotation