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UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration) 
UI (user interface) 
    combining with code 
UICulture attribute (@ Page directive) 
Unit class 
UnitConverter class 
UnitType enumeration 
Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI)  2nd 
Unload event (Page class) 
Unload event handler 
Unlock method (HttpApplicationState class)  2nd 
UpdateCommand property 
UpWmlMobileTextWriter class 
UpWmlPageAdapter class 
URL authorization 
URL key (ServerVariable collection) 
Url property (HttpRequest class)  2nd 
UrlAuthorizationModule class 
UrlBuilder class 
UrlBuilderOptions enumeration 
UrlDecode method (HttpServerUtility class)  2nd 
UrlEditor class 
UrlEncode method (HttpServerUtility class)  2nd 
UrlEncodedParameterWriter class 
UrlParameterReader class 
UrlParameterWriter class 
UrlPathEncode method  2nd 
UrlReferrer property (HttpRequest class)  2nd 
User Control files 
user controls  [See controls, user]
user interface (UI) 
    combining with code 
User property
    HttpContext class  2nd 
    Page class  2nd 
UserAgent property (HttpRequest class)  2nd 
UserControl class  2nd 
UserControlControlBuilder class 
UserControlDesigner class 
UserHostAddress property (HttpRequest class)  2nd 
UserHostName property (HttpRequest class)  2nd 
UserLanguages property (HttpRequest class)  2nd 
Users.xml file  2nd