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SaveAs method (HttpRequest class) 
SaveAs property (HttpRequest class) 
SchemaReference class 
schemas (custom) 
SCRIPT_NAME key (ServerVariable collection) 
ScriptTimeout property (HttpServerUtility class)  2nd 
SDK debugger, using 
sealed classes 
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 
security  2nd 
    authentication methods and 
security bulletins, signing up for 
Select Case statement 
SelectCommand property 
SelectedDatesCollection class 
selection controls 
SelectionList class 
SelectionList control 
semantic errors, crashing/noncrashing 
semicolon, as statement terminator 
server controls  [See controls, server]
Server property
    HttpContext class 
    Page class  2nd 
    include directives  2nd 
    object tags 
SERVER_NAME key (ServerVariable collection) 
SERVER_PORT key (ServerVariable collection) 
SERVER_PORT_SECURE key (ServerVariable collection) 
SERVER_PROTOCOL key (ServerVariable collection) 
SERVER_SOFTWARE key (ServerVariable collection) 
ServerValidateEventArgs class 
ServerValidateEventHandler delegate 
ServerVariables collection (HttpRequest class) 
ServerVariables property (HttpRequest class) 
Service class 
ServiceCollection class 
ServiceDescription class 
ServiceDescriptionBaseCollection class 
ServiceDescriptionCollection class 
ServiceDescriptionFormatExtension class 
ServiceDescriptionFormatExtensionCollection class 
ServiceDescriptionImporter class 
ServiceDescriptionImportStyle enumeration 
ServiceDescriptionImportWarnings enumeration 
ServiceDescriptionReflector class 
session cookies 
Session property
    HttpContext class  2nd 
    Page class  2nd 
session state management 
SessionID property  2nd 
SessionStateMode enumeration 
SessionStateModule class  2nd 
SessionStateSectionHandler class 
Set method (HttpApplicationState class)  2nd 
SetCacheability method (HttpResponse class) 
SetLastModified method (HttpResponse class) 
SignOut method 
Simple Object Access Protocol  [See SOAP]
SimpleWebHandlerParser class 
SimpleWorkerRequest class 
single-threaded apartment (STA) 
SkipAuthorization property (HttpContext class)  2nd 
SlidingExpiration attribute 
SmartNavigation attribute (@ Page directive) 
SmartNavigation property (Page class)  2nd 
SmtpMail class  2nd 
SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)  2nd 
    consuming web services 
SoapAddressBinding class 
SoapBinding class  2nd 
SoapBindingStyle enumeration 
SoapBindingUse enumeration 
SoapBodyBinding class 
SoapClientMessage class 
SoapDocumentMethodAttribute class 
SoapDocumentServiceAttribute class 
SoapException class 
SoapExtension class 
SoapExtensionAttribute class 
SoapExtensionImporter class 
SoapExtensionReflector class 
SoapFaultBinding class 
SoapHeader class 
SoapHeaderAttribute class 
SoapHeaderBinding class 
SoapHeaderCollection class 
SoapHeaderDirection enumeration 
SoapHeaderException class 
SoapHeaderFaultBinding class 
SoapHttpClientProtocol class 
SoapMessage class 
SoapMessageStage enumeration 
SoapOperationBinding class 
SoapParameterStyle enumeration 
SoapProtocolImporter class 
SoapRpcMethodAttribute class 
SoapRpcServiceAttribute class 
SoapServerMessage class 
SoapServiceRoutingStyle enumeration 
SoapTransportImporter class 
SoapUnknownHeader class 
Solution Explorer 
Source property (HttpException class)  2nd 
SQL queries, creating dynamically 
sqlConnectionString attribute 
SqlDataAdapter class  2nd  3rd 
SqlDataReader object, implementation of 
SQLServer mode 
Src attribute
    @ Assembly directive 
    @ Page directive 
    @ Register directive 
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) 
STA (single-threaded apartment) 
StackTrace property (HttpException class)  2nd 
stages of page processing 
Start event
    HttpApplicationState class 
    HttpSessionState class  2nd 
Start method (HttpApplicationState class) 
state management 
StateBag class  2nd 
StateItem class 
StateRuntime class 
static members, syntax for 
StaticObjects collection 
    HttpApplicationState class 
    HttpSessionState class 
StaticPartialCachingControl class 
Status property (HttpResponse class)  2nd 
StatusCode property (HttpResponse class)  2nd 
StatusDescription property (HttpResponse class)  2nd 
Strict attribute (@ Page directive) 
String parameter (ClientTarget property) 
    characters, encoding 
strPath LoadControl parameter 
strRelativeUrl ResolveUrl parameter 
structured exception handling  2nd 
Style class  2nd 
Style properties 
StyleSheet class 
StyleSheetControlBuilder class 
Submit_Click event handler 
SuppressContent property (HttpResponse class)  2nd 
syntax error 
syntax for event handlers 
System namespace 
System.Collections namespace 
System.Data namespaces 
    SqlClient  2nd 
System.Web namespaces  2nd 
    UI  2nd