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machine.config file  2nd 
    <forms> element 
    authentication methods and 
    authentication mode, changing 
    locking down configuration settings 
    syntax of 
MachineName property (HttpServerUtility class) 
MailAttachment class 
MailEncoding enumeration 
MailFormat enumeration 
MailMessage class  2nd 
MailPriority enumeration 
MajorVersion property (HttpBrowserCapabilities class) 
managed execution 
MapPath method
    HttpRequest class  2nd 
    HttpServerUtility class  2nd 
    Page class 
marshal by reference 
MatchAttribute class 
MBSA (Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer) 
Message class 
Message property (HttpException class)  2nd 
MessageBinding class 
MessageCollection class 
MessagePart class 
MessagePartCollection class 
    attributes  2nd 
    qualifiers for 
Microsoft Active Directory 
Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) 
Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) 
Microsoft TechNet Security home page 
MimeContentBinding class 
MimeFormatter class 
MimeMultipartRelatedBinding class 
MimeParameterReader class 
MimeParameterWriter class 
MimePart class 
MimePartCollection class 
MimeReturnReader class 
MimeTextBinding class 
MimeTextMatch class 
MimeTextMatchCollection class 
MimeXmlBinding class 
MinorVersion property (HttpBrowserCapabilities class) 
mobile controls  2nd 
mobile devices, support for 
Mobile Web Forms 
MobileCapabilities class 
MobileControl delegate 
MobileControlBuilder class 
MobileControlsSectionHandler class 
MobileDeviceCapabilitiesSectionHandler class 
MobileErrorInfo class 
MobileFormsAuthentication class 
MobileListItem class 
MobileListItemCollection class 
MobileListItemType enumeration 
MobilePage class 
MobileTextWriter class 
MobileUserControl class 
Mode property (HttpSessionState class)  2nd 
MonthChangedEventArgs class 
MonthChangedEventHandler delegate 
MSDE (Microsoft Data Engine) 
MSDN online reference for ASP.NET configuration file schema 
MSDN reference for .NET security 
MSDomVersion property (HttpBrowserCapabilities class) 
MultiPartWriter class