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IAppDomainFactory interface 
IAttributeAccessor interface 
IControlAdapter interface 
IControlDesignerBehavior interface 
id attribute (server controls) 
IDataBindingsAccessor interface 
IDataSourceProvider interface 
Identity property 
IDL (Interface Description Language) 
ie4 value (ClientTarget property) 
ie5 value (ClientTarget property) 
IHtmlControlDesignerBehavior interface 
IHttpAsyncHandler interface 
IHttpHandler interface 
IHttpHandlerFactory interface 
IHttpModule interface 
IIS (Internet Information Server) 
    administration tool 
    authentication and 
IISAPIRuntime interface 
IL (Intermediate Language)  2nd  3rd 
Image class  2nd 
Image display control 
ImageAlign enumeration 
    control  2nd  3rd 
ImageClickEventArgs class 
ImageClickEventHandler delegate 
ImageUrlEditor class 
impersonation (authentication) 
Import class 
ImportCollection class 
Imports keyword 
Improved Security 
INamingContainer interface  2nd 
include directives (server-side)  2nd 
inheritance hierarchy 
Inherits attribute (@ Page directive) 
Init event 
    Page class 
inline code, creating web services with 
InnerException property (HttpException class)  2nd 
input controls 
InputBinding class 
InputStream property (HttpRequest class)  2nd 
Insert method
    Cache member 
    HttpResponse class 
InsertCommand property 
instance members, syntax for 
INSTANCE_ID key (ServerVariable collection) 
INSTANCE_META_PATH key (ServerVariable collection) 
instances (control) 
int (32-bit integer) 
int16 datatype 
Interface Description Language (IDL) 
Intermediate Language (IL)  2nd  3rd 
Internet Information Server  [See IIS]
Internet Services Manager applet 
IObjectListFieldCollection interface 
IPageAdapter interface 
IParserAccessor interface 
IPostBackDataHandler interface 
IPostBackEventHandler interface 
IPrincipal interface 
IReadOnlySessionState interface 
IRepeatInfoUser interface 
IRequiresSessionState interface 
ISAPIRuntime class 
IsAuthenticated property (HttpRequest class)  2nd 
IsClientConnected property (HttpResponse class)  2nd 
IsClientScriptBlockRegistered method 
IsCookieless property (HttpSessionSatate class)  2nd 
IsCustomErrorEnabled property (HttpContext class)  2nd 
IsDebuggingEnabled property (HttpContext class)  2nd 
IsEnabled member (Trace property) 
IsInRole property 
IsNewSession property (HttpSessionState class)  2nd 
IsPostBack property (Page class)  2nd 
IsReadOnly property (HttpSessionState class)  2nd 
IsSecureConnection property (HttpRequest class)  2nd 
IStateManager interface 
IStateRuntime interface 
IsValid property (Page class)  2nd 
ITagNameToTypeMapper interface 
Item property
    Cache member 
    HttpApplicationState class  2nd 
    HttpBrowserCapabilities class 
    HttpResponse class  2nd 
    HttpSessionState class  2nd 
ItemPager class 
ITemplate interface 
ITemplateable interface 
ITemplateEditingFrame interface 
ITemplateEditingService interface 
Items collection (HttpContext class) 
IUserControlDesignerAccessor interface 
IValidator interface 
IWebFormReferenceManager interface 
IWebFormsBuilderUIService interface 
IWebFormsDocumentService interface