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System.Web.UI.WebControls (system.web.dll)class

The TargetConverter class is a type converter that allows conversions between an ordinary string and the "target" string used to specify the target frame or window for a hyperlink, as in AdRotator.Target. This conversion allows the target property to be displayed in the Property window. This class is never accessed directly. You can access its functionality through the System.ComponentModel.TypeDescriptor helper class.

public class TargetConverter : System.ComponentModel.StringConverter {
// Public Constructors
   public TargetConverter( );
// Public Instance Methods
   public override StandardValuesCollection GetStandardValues(System.ComponentModel.ITypeDescriptorContext context); 
              // overrides System.ComponentModel.TypeConverter
   public override bool GetStandardValuesExclusive(System.ComponentModel.ITypeDescriptorContext context);  
              // overrides System.ComponentModel.TypeConverter
   public override bool GetStandardValuesSupported(System.ComponentModel.ITypeDescriptorContext context);   
              // overrides System.ComponentModel.TypeConverter


System.Object System.ComponentModel.TypeConverter System.ComponentModel.StringConverter TargetConverter

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