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Stylemarshal by reference, disposable

System.Web.UI.WebControls (system.web.dll)class

This class represents style attributes that can be applied to a portion of the user interface on a web page. This class is not used by web controls or HTML controls, which allow programmatic access to style attributes through a System.Web.UI.CssStyleCollection object provided through their own Style property. Instead, the Style class is used as a base class for the TableStyle and TableItemStyle classes.

public class Style : System.ComponentModel.Component, System.Web.UI.IStateManager {
// Public Constructors
   public Style( );
   public Style(System.Web.UI.StateBag bag);
// Public Instance Properties
   public Color BackColor{set; get; }
   public Color BorderColor{set; get; }
   public BorderStyle BorderStyle{set; get; }
   public Unit BorderWidth{set; get; }
   public string CssClass{set; get; }
   public FontInfo Font{get; }
   public Color ForeColor{set; get; }
   public Unit Height{set; get; }
   public Unit Width{set; get; }
// Protected Instance Properties
   protected internal virtual bool IsEmpty{get; }
   protected bool IsTrackingViewState{get; }        // implements System.Web.UI.IStateManager
   protected internal StateBag ViewState{get; }
// Public Instance Methods
   public void AddAttributesToRender(System.Web.UI.HtmlTextWriter writer);
   public virtual void AddAttributesToRender(System.Web.UI.HtmlTextWriter writer, WebControl owner);
   public virtual void CopyFrom(Style s);
   public virtual void MergeWith(Style s);
   public virtual void Reset( );
   public override string ToString( );               // overrides System.ComponentModel.Component
// Protected Instance Methods
   protected internal void LoadViewState(object state);         // implements System.Web.UI.IStateManager
   protected internal virtual object SaveViewState( );            // implements System.Web.UI.IStateManager
   protected internal virtual void SetBit(int bit);
   protected internal virtual void TrackViewState( );             // implements System.Web.UI.IStateManager


System.Object System.MarshalByRefObject System.ComponentModel.Component(System.ComponentModel.IComponent, System.IDisposable) Style(System.Web.UI.IStateManager)


TableItemStyle, TableStyle

Returned By

System.Web.UI.Design.ITemplateEditingFrame.{ControlStyle, TemplateStyles}, IRepeatInfoUser.GetItemStyle( ), WebControl.{ControlStyle, CreateControlStyle( )}

Passed To

System.Web.UI.Design.ITemplateEditingService.CreateFrame( ), System.Web.UI.Design.TemplateEditingService.CreateFrame( ), RepeatInfo.RenderRepeater( ), TableItemStyle.{CopyFrom( ), MergeWith( )}, WebControl.{ApplyStyle( ), MergeStyle( )}

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