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System.Web.UI.WebControls (system.web.dll)class

This class represents a radio button control that allows a user to select one item from a selection of options. Each option in a group of radio buttons is a distinct RadioButton object, but each control shares the same GroupName. To determine whether a radio button has been selected, examine the Checked property. If you want to use a radio button with list data, the CheckBoxList control may be more convenient.

public class RadioButton : CheckBox {
// Public Constructors
   public RadioButton( );
// Public Instance Properties
   public virtual string GroupName{set; get; }
// Protected Instance Methods
   protected override void OnPreRender(EventArgs e);            // overrides CheckBox


System.Object System.Web.UI.Control(System.ComponentModel.IComponent, System.IDisposable, System.Web.UI.IParserAccessor, System.Web.UI.IDataBindingsAccessor) WebControl(System.Web.UI.IAttributeAccessor) CheckBox(System.Web.UI.IPostBackDataHandler) RadioButton

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