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System.Web.UI.WebControls (system.web.dll)class

The class is used for the Calendar control, which displays a single month of the year at a time and allows users to move forward and backward from month to month and select one or more dates. The SelectionMode property determines what type of selections are allowed (day, week, or month). You can also create an event handler for the DayRender event, use it to examine each day in the calendar and decide if you would like to apply special formatting, add additional content in the corresponding table cell, or make the day unselectable.

If only a single day is selected, it will be provided in the SelectedDate property. If you use a SelectionMode that allows the user to select multiple dates, they will be contained in the SelectedDates collection.

The other properties of the calendar are used to customize its appearance, allowing you to hide header and title information, choose styles, and disable month-to-month navigation. Note that if you hide the title portion by setting the ShowTitle property to False, the month navigation controls will also be hidden. You can also respond to a SelectionChanged event that fires when the user chooses a new date and the VisibleMonthChanged event that fires when the user navigates to a different month.

public class Calendar : WebControl, System.Web.UI.IPostBackEventHandler {
// Public Constructors
   public Calendar( );
// Public Instance Properties
   public int CellPadding{set; get; }
   public int CellSpacing{set; get; }
   public TableItemStyle DayHeaderStyle{get; }
   public DayNameFormat DayNameFormat{set; get; }
   public TableItemStyle DayStyle{get; }
   public FirstDayOfWeek FirstDayOfWeek{set; get; }
   public string NextMonthText{set; get; }
   public NextPrevFormat NextPrevFormat{set; get; }
   public TableItemStyle NextPrevStyle{get; }
   public TableItemStyle OtherMonthDayStyle{get; }
   public string PrevMonthText{set; get; }
   public DateTime SelectedDate{set; get; }
   public SelectedDatesCollection SelectedDates{get; }
   public TableItemStyle SelectedDayStyle{get; }
   public CalendarSelectionMode SelectionMode{set; get; }
   public string SelectMonthText{set; get; }
   public TableItemStyle SelectorStyle{get; }
   public string SelectWeekText{set; get; }
   public bool ShowDayHeader{set; get; }
   public bool ShowGridLines{set; get; }
   public bool ShowNextPrevMonth{set; get; }
   public bool ShowTitle{set; get; }
   public TitleFormat TitleFormat{set; get; }
   public TableItemStyle TitleStyle{get; }
   public TableItemStyle TodayDayStyle{get; }
   public DateTime TodaysDate{set; get; }
   public DateTime VisibleDate{set; get; }
   public TableItemStyle WeekendDayStyle{get; }
// Protected Instance Methods
   protected override ControlCollection CreateControlCollection( );// overrides System.Web.UI.Control
   protected bool HasWeekSelectors(CalendarSelectionMode selectionMode);
   protected override void LoadViewState(object savedState);    // overrides WebControl
   protected virtual void OnDayRender(TableCell cell, CalendarDay day);
   protected override void OnPreRender(EventArgs e);            // overrides System.Web.UI.Control
   protected virtual void OnSelectionChanged( );
   protected virtual void OnVisibleMonthChanged(DateTime newDate, DateTime previousDate);
   protected override void Render(System.Web.UI.HtmlTextWriter writer);  // overrides WebControl
   protected override object SaveViewState( );       // overrides WebControl
   protected override void TrackViewState( );        // overrides WebControl
// Events
   public event DayRenderEventHandler DayRender;
   public event EventHandler SelectionChanged;
   public event MonthChangedEventHandler VisibleMonthChanged;


System.Object System.Web.UI.Control(System.ComponentModel.IComponent, System.IDisposable, System.Web.UI.IParserAccessor, System.Web.UI.IDataBindingsAccessor) WebControl(System.Web.UI.IAttributeAccessor) Calendar(System.Web.UI.IPostBackEventHandler)

Returned By

System.Web.UI.MobileControls.Calendar.{CreateWebCalendar( ), WebCalendar}

Passed To

System.Web.UI.Design.WebControls.CalendarAutoFormatDialog.CalendarAutoFormatDialog( )

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