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TextViewElement.NET 1.1

System.Web.UI.MobileControls (system.web.mobile.dll)class

The TextViewElement represents a portion of the text of a TextView, which is split automatically to accomodate the size of the client's pages. You can access individual TextViewElement instances using the TextView.GetElement( ) method (and supplying an index number), and you can use TextView properties like TextView.FirstVisibleElementIndex and TextView.LastVisibleElementIndex to examine the pagination that has been applied automatically. You can also determine the formatting and text in a given element by examining properties like Text, IsBold, and IsItalic.

public class TextViewElement {
// Public Instance Properties
   public bool BreakAfter{get; }
   public bool IsBold{get; }
   public bool IsItalic{get; }
   public string Text{get; }
   public string Url{get; }

Returned By

TextView.GetElement( )

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