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ObjectListSelectEventArgs.NET 1.1

System.Web.UI.MobileControls (system.web.mobile.dll)class

This custom EventArgs class defines the additional information that will be sent to methods that handle the ObjectList.ItemSelect event. This information includes the ObjectListItem that is being bound bound in the list (ListItem), and a Boolean variable that indicates whether there is more information to be shown for the item (SelectMore). You do not need to handle this event. By default, the control will show a new page that contains the full list of fields or proeprties for the item when it is selected.

public class ObjectListSelectEventArgs : EventArgs {
// Public Constructors
   public ObjectListSelectEventArgs(ObjectListItem item, bool selectMore);
// Public Instance Properties
   public ObjectListItem ListItem{get; }
   public bool SelectMore{get; }
   public bool UseDefaultHandling{set; get; }


System.Object System.EventArgs ObjectListSelectEventArgs

Passed To

ObjectList.OnItemSelect( ), ObjectListSelectEventHandler.{BeginInvoke( ), Invoke( )}

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