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System.Web.UI.Design (system.design.dll)class

This class provides a custom designer for user controls (page-like groups of text, controls, and scripting contained in .ascx files). This designer provides the design-time HTML used when you insert a user control onto a Web Forms page. This design-time HTML consists of a generic, labeled gray box that does not render any of the actual content.

public class UserControlDesigner : ControlDesigner {
// Public Constructors
   public UserControlDesigner( );
// Public Instance Properties
   public override bool AllowResize{get; }          // overrides ControlDesigner
   public override bool ShouldCodeSerialize{set; get; }          // overrides HtmlControlDesigner
// Public Instance Methods
   public override string GetDesignTimeHtml( );                   // overrides ControlDesigner
   public override string GetPersistInnerHtml( );                 // overrides ControlDesigner


System.Object System.ComponentModel.Design.ComponentDesigner(System.ComponentModel.Design.IDesigner, System.IDisposable, System.ComponentModel.Design.IDesignerFilter) HtmlControlDesigner ControlDesigner UserControlDesigner

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