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System.Web.UI.Design (system.design.dll)class

This class provides a System.Drawing.Design.UITypeEditor that can be used when modifying properties that correspond to Internet URLs. This class extends on the basic UrlEditor class and is customized for creating URLs that point to image files. The differences are minor: the Filter property is overridden to provide the "*.gif; *.jpg; *.jpeg; *.bmp; *.wmf; *.png" file filter, and the Caption of the designer window is modified to "Select Image File." This class is used, for example, by the ImageUrl property of the System.Web.UI.WebControls.HyperLink control.

public class ImageUrlEditor : UrlEditor {
// Public Constructors
   public ImageUrlEditor( );
// Protected Instance Properties
   protected override string Caption{get; }         // overrides UrlEditor
   protected override string Filter{get; }          // overrides UrlEditor


System.Object System.Drawing.Design.UITypeEditor UrlEditor ImageUrlEditor

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