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System.Web.UI (system.web.dll)enum

This enumeration provides values for the PersistenceModeAttribute. PersistenceModeAttribute.Attribute instructs ASP.NET to persist a property in a control's HTML tag as an attribute. This is the default and does not require the use of the PersistenceModeAttribute. You can also use PersistenceModeAttribute.InnerDefaultProperty or PersistenceModeAttribute.EncodedInnerDefaultProperty to designate a property as the inner content of control tag. Only one property can be used in this way, and the only difference between these two options is whether the ASP.NET framework will automatically perform HTML encoding before persisting the value. Finally, PersistenceModeAttribute.InnerProperty persists the property as a nested tag inside the control tag.

public enum PersistenceMode {
   Attribute = 0,
   InnerProperty = 1,
   InnerDefaultProperty = 2,
   EncodedInnerDefaultProperty = 3


System.Object System.ValueType System.Enum(System.IComparable, System.IFormattable, System.IConvertible) PersistenceMode

Returned By


Passed To

PersistenceModeAttribute.PersistenceModeAttribute( )

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