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System.Web.Services.Discovery (system.web.services.dll)abstract class

A discovery document can refer to three things: WSDL service descriptions, XSD documents, or other discovery files. These references are represented by three different classes in this namespace (ContractReference, DiscoveryDocumentReference, and SchemaReference), all of which inherit from this abstract base class.

public abstract class DiscoveryReference {
// Protected Constructorsprotected DiscoveryReference( );
// Public Instance Properties
   public DiscoveryClientProtocol ClientProtocol{set; get; }
   public virtual string DefaultFilename{get; }
   public abstract string Url{set; get; }
// Protected Static Methods
   protected static string FilenameFromUrl(string url);
// Public Instance Methods
   public abstract object ReadDocument(System.IO.Stream stream);
   public void Resolve( );
   public abstract void WriteDocument(object document, System.IO.Stream stream);
// Protected Instance Methods
   protected internal abstract void Resolve(string contentType, System.IO.Stream stream);


ContractReference, DiscoveryDocumentReference, SchemaReference

Returned By

DiscoveryClientReferenceCollection.this, DiscoveryReferenceCollection.this, DiscoverySearchPattern.GetDiscoveryReference( )

Passed To

DiscoveryClientReferenceCollection.{Add( ), this}, DiscoveryReferenceCollection.{Add( ), Contains( ), Remove( ), this}

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