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System.Web.Services.Description (system.web.services.dll)sealed class

This collection of objects is derived from ServiceDescriptionFormatExtension. It is used in various classes in this namespace, including Types, Port, Service, and Binding, allowing you to implement type extensions at several different levels. For example, the InputBinding.Extensions property provides a ServiceDescriptionFormatExtensionCollection that could contain a HttpUrlEncodedBinding or SoapBodyBinding.

public sealed class ServiceDescriptionFormatExtensionCollection : ServiceDescriptionBaseCollection {
// Public Constructors
   public ServiceDescriptionFormatExtensionCollection(object parent);
// Public Instance Properties
   public object this[int index]{set; get; }                   // implements IList
// Public Instance Methods
   public int Add(object extension);               // implements IList
   public bool Contains(object extension);         // implements IList
   public void CopyTo(object[ ] array, int index);
   public object Find(Type type);
   public XmlElement Find(string name, string ns);
   public object[ ] FindAll(Type type);
   public XmlElement[ ] FindAll(string name, string ns);
   public int IndexOf(object extension);           // implements IList
   public void Insert(int index, object extension);             // implements IList
   public bool IsHandled(object item);
   public bool IsRequired(object item);
   public void Remove(object extension);           // implements IList
// Protected Instance Methods
   protected override void OnValidate(object value);            // overrides System.Collections.CollectionBase
   protected override void SetParent(object value, object parent); // overrides ServiceDescriptionBaseCollection


System.Object System.Collections.CollectionBase(System.Collections.IList, System.Collections.ICollection, System.Collections.IEnumerable) ServiceDescriptionBaseCollection ServiceDescriptionFormatExtensionCollection

Returned By

Binding.Extensions, MessageBinding.Extensions, MimePart.Extensions, OperationBinding.Extensions, Port.Extensions, Service.Extensions, ServiceDescription.Extensions, Types.Extensions

Passed To

ProtocolImporter.AddExtensionWarningComments( )

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