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System.Web.Services.Description (system.web.services.dll)sealed class

This collection of Binding objects is used by the Bindings property of the ServiceDescription class. Bindings can be accessed by name or by position (index number).

public sealed class BindingCollection : ServiceDescriptionBaseCollection {
// Public Instance Properties
   public Binding this[string name]{get; }
   public Binding this[int index]{set; get; }
// Public Instance Methods
   public int Add(Binding binding);
   public bool Contains(Binding binding);
   public void CopyTo(Binding[ ] array, int index);
   public int IndexOf(Binding binding);
   public void Insert(int index, Binding binding);
   public void Remove(Binding binding);
// Protected Instance Methods
   protected override string GetKey(object value);              // overrides ServiceDescriptionBaseCollection
   protected override void SetParent(object value,  object parent); // overrides ServiceDescriptionBaseCollection


System.Object System.Collections.CollectionBase(System.Collections.IList, System.Collections.ICollection, System.Collections.IEnumerable) ServiceDescriptionBaseCollection BindingCollection

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