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System.Web.Services.Configuration (system.web.services.dll)sealed class

Like all the attributes in this namespace, the XmlFormatExtensionPointAttribute is applied to the custom System.Web.Services.Description.ServiceDescriptionFormatExtension class. Use this attribute to specify that a member of the custom format extension class should have its own custom format extension associated with it. MemberName specifies the member of the format extension class (as a string) that has its own format extension. AllowElements is True (the default) if the member of the class implementing the format extension can accept raw XML elements.

public sealed class XmlFormatExtensionPointAttribute : Attribute {
// Public Constructors
   public XmlFormatExtensionPointAttribute(string memberName);
// Public Instance Properties
   public bool AllowElements{set; get; }
   public string MemberName{set; get; }


System.Object System.Attribute XmlFormatExtensionPointAttribute

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