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System.Web (system.web.dll)interface

You can use this interface to create custom HttpModules. HttpModules are added through the <httpmodules> section of the web.config file. Some HttpModules that are available to you include FormsAuthenticationModule, PassportAuthenticationModule, and other security modules in the System.Web.Security namespace.

HttpModules are often used for security or logging because they can participate in the processing of every request into an application. HttpModules work by reacting to ASP.NET events. For example, if you want an HttpModule to participate in every web request, you could react to the HttpApplication.BeginRequest event. You can also specify that a HttpModule process other files (for example, JPEG and BMP) rather than just ASP.NET file types by updating the Application Extension Mapping to use aspnet_ISAPI.dll to manage the appropriate extension.

public interface IHttpModule {
// Public Instance Methods
   public void Dispose( );
   public void Init(HttpApplication context);

Implemented By

System.Web.Mobile.ErrorHandlerModule, System.Web.Security.{DefaultAuthenticationModule, FileAuthorizationModule, FormsAuthenticationModule, PassportAuthenticationModule, UrlAuthorizationModule, WindowsAuthenticationModule}, System.Web.SessionState.SessionStateModule

Returned By

HttpModuleCollection.{Get( ), this}

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