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System.Web (system.web.dll)interface

You can implement this interface to create a factory class that can create IHttpHandler instances dynamically. ASP.NET includes standard IHttpHandlerFactory classes like PageHandlerFactory, RestrictedResourceFactory, and WebServiceHandlerFactory (which are not shown in the class library documentation because they are private types).

Using the <httphandlers> section of the web.config file, you can map specific requests to directly to an IHttpHandler class or to an IHttpHandlerFactory class, which will dynamically create an appropriate IHttpHandler class by using the GetHandler( ) method.

Note that the standard factory classes used by ASP.NET do not appear in the MSDN help or this reference. These classes are marked Private and are used exclusively by the ASP.NET framework.

public interface IHttpHandlerFactory {
// Public Instance Methods
   public IHttpHandler GetHandler(HttpContext context, string requestType, string url, string pathTranslated);
   public void ReleaseHandler(IHttpHandler handler);

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