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System.Web (system.web.dll)sealed class

This is a name/value collection of IHttpModule instances. It's used by the Modules property of the HttpApplication class to provide a collection of all modules used by your application (as defined in the <httpmodules> section of the application's web.config file).

public sealed class HttpModuleCollection : System.Collections.Specialized.NameObjectCollectionBase {
// Public Instance Properties
   public string[ ] AllKeys{get; }
   public IHttpModule this[int index]{get; }
   public IHttpModule this[string name]{get; }
// Public Instance Methods
   public void CopyTo(Array dest, int index);                   // implements ICollection
   public IHttpModule Get(int index);
   public IHttpModule Get(string name);
   public string GetKey(int index);


System.Object System.Collections.Specialized.NameObjectCollectionBase(System.Collections.ICollection, System.Collections.IEnumerable, System.Runtime.Serialization.ISerializable, System.Runtime.Serialization.IDeserializationCallback) HttpModuleCollection

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