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I'd like to start by thanking my editor Ron Petrusha for his patience, skills, and technical savvy. It is a pleasure working with an editor who is not only good with words, but sharp with technology. Thanks also to Val Quercia for helping me to sound good and make sense, and to Daniel Creeron, for making sure the book was technically sound. My thanks also to Tatiana Diaz, John Osborn, Phil Winstanley, and Joseph Croney for their work on the second edition of this book.

Thanks to both Doug Reilly and Raja Mani for their contributions to the book. I truly appreciate your efforts. Thanks also to Matthew MacDonald, for his work on the namespace reference, which will hopefully make my work that much more comprehensible.

A big thank you to the ASP.NET team at Microsoft, without whose efforts we would not have this fabulous new technology, and without whose willingness to explain and answer questions, this book would not be nearly as useful. Rob Howard, Susan Warren, and Erik Olson in particular have provided me with much insight and information into how ASP.NET works. I thank you all.

Thanks to Stacey Giard and all the folks at Microsoft who make sure that authors get both the information and the software necessary to do their jobs. It might be possible without their efforts, but it would sure be a lot harder.

Thanks to my mom, for believing in me, encouraging me, and listening to me kvetch when I'm close to a deadline.

As always, I'd like to thank my wife, Jennifer, whose cheerful support and tolerance for late nights and long weekends made it possible to finish this book, and whose love makes it all worthwhile.

And finally, I want to dedicate this book to my new son, Joseph Andrew Duthie, who was born during the writing of the second edition. He is a joy and an inspiration, and Jennifer and I are delighted that he has come into our life.

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