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Part II: Intrinsic Class Reference

This section devotes a chapter to each of the following major classes that are available as part of the ASP.NET object model:

HttpApplication and HttpApplicatonState

Each chapter adheres to a standardized format that includes the following elements:

  • An introduction, which provides a background on the class and how it is used in an ASP.NET application.

  • A list of the class members (properties, collections, methods, and events) documented in the chapter.

  • A Comments/Troubleshooting section that provides helpful tips on using the class or discusses pitfalls commonly encountered when working with the class.

  • Detailed documentation on class properties, with a separate entry devoted to each property.

  • Detailed documentation on collections returned by properties of the class, if the class has any, with a separate entry devoted to each collection.

  • Detailed documentation on class methods, with a separate entry devoted to each method

  • Detailed documentation on events raised by the class, if the class exposes any, with a separate entry devoted to each event.

In addition, Chapter 20 documents configuration settings that can be found in either machine.config or web.config.

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